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At Wild Gros Morne we take a creative approach to how we design all of our offerings. You could say, we do things a little different. We believe in authentic small group travel experiences that foster personal relationships with the environment. As well, we believe in sustainably showcasing the rarely visited and often unseen areas of Gros Morne National Park. So go on, pour up a coffee, sit back and explore our website. All of our experiences are clearly described with high quality pictures, difficulty levels, suggested equipment and more. Have questions? No worries, one of our knowledgeable guides is just a click away. Explore our unique selection of Gros Morne guided hiking and walking tours, Zodiac boat adventures, food tours, off grid cabin experiences and more. Let us help make your Gros Morne experience a truly memorable one. Let us help you find your wild.


Our new website is under construction and may therefore affect this current site. We apologize for this inconvenience. If you are having trouble finding something please contact us at info@wildgrosmorne.com and we will be happy to help. 🙂

Small Group

We believe in authentic small group travel experiences that foster personal connections with the environment.


Magnificent Views

For those budding photographers, our experiences provide access to the best views Gros Morne has to offer.

Guided Hiking & Walking Tours

Discover our unique collection of guided hiking and walking tours that will take you off the beaten path

Off Grid Experiences

Get off the grid and back to nature in a remote cabin high in the mountains of Gros Morne on a hidden glacier carved lake.

Wild Experiences

Discover the wild, less travelled areas of Gros Morne that are ordinarily inaccessible.

Food Tours

Our unique culinary experiences blend high quality adventures with a first class food tour.

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Amazing Locations

We'll show you Gros Morne's most amazing locations, even those you won't find on the visitor maps.

Personalized Tours

Our small group adventures create a personalized experience different from more traditional tour companies.

Authentic Experiences

High quality authentic experiences showcasing the less travelled areas of Gros Morne.

Food Tours

We pair local history and exciting adventures with fresh local food creating one of a kind culinary experiences.


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