1. Are park passes needed for all experiences and where can I get them?

Gros Morne park passes are needed for most of our experiences. Season passes can be purchased at the Parks Canada building at the entrance of Gros Morne National park as well as the Visitor Center in Norris Point and the Discovery Centre in Woody Point.

2. How long are the Experiences?

Tablelands Boat Tour 2 hours

Explore The Fjord (Tablelands Boat Tour and Guided Hike) 7 – 8 hours

Gros Morne Taste Test 5-6 hours

Backcountry Shuttle 45 minutes each way

Trout River Water Taxi 30 minutes one way

Tablelands 360° 6-7 hours

Trout River Pond Guided Hike and Water Taxi 3-4 hours

Hidden Gros Morne 7 days

*All times are approximate but can change depending on conditions

3. Are pets allowed on board?

If we don’t have a full tour and the other guests on board are a part of your party we would be happy to discuss taking your pet along for the ride.

4. What is your cancelation policy?

We require 48 hours notice for all canceled reservations.

5. Are there bathrooms located on board our vessels?

In order to access some of these remote areas we utilize rough water Zodiac watercraft. These vessels are smaller then your more traditional boat tours and do not come equipped with bathrooms. Although there are no bathrooms located on board our crafts there are bathrooms located at our Trout River pond headquarters and a remote bathroom stall located at the back of Trout River pond. In other words, please “go before we go.”

6. Can my experience be canceled due to bad weather?

As you’ve probably already heard, the weather in Newfoundland can change instantly and at Wild Gros Morne we check the weather more then most people check their Email. It’s possible that our experiences could be adjusted or canceled to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

7. How and when do I pay for my experience?

Payments can be made through our website for reservations and at our dockside kiosk. We accept cash, Interact, VISA, MasterCard and Email money transfer.

8. Do I have to make reservations?

Although reservations are highly recommended, we understand the unpredictable nature of traveling. We know plans can change in an instant and we will do our best to work with guests who may have not booked ahead but are still looking to take advantage of our experiences.

9. What can I do if I can’t do the hike?

In order to accommodate all visitors our tours run on a daily rotating schedule and do not always include a hike. There are days where we run only our Tableland Boat Tour which does not include a hike. Please refer to our experience page to find what experience is right for you.

10. How long is the hike Overfalls lookout?

The Overfalls Trail look out trail has an easy to moderate difficulty level with slow gradual inclines that usually take between 3-4 hours to complete. Please not this is not a hike to the bottom of the Overfalls. The Hike into the Overfalls is an overnight Trip.

*Times are approximate and can change depending on conditions.

11. Are there meals included with the tours?

Many of our tours can be altered to included food offerings for larger groups or parties looking for a specialty tour, However our Gros Morne Taste Test is a custom designed culinary and adventure tour. This popular tour package includes a guided interpretive hike to an interesting location in Gros Morne followed by a unique culinary experience.  To find out more click on the link below.

Gros Morne Taste Test

12. Is there an age limit on the Boat Tour?

Due to the remoteness and unpredictable nature of the area, our boat tour operations have a minimum age limit of 1 year old. An adult must accompany youth under the age of 18.

13. What is the capacity of our boats?

We operate two different sized zodiac vessels that have different capacity levels. Our main tour boat can hold 16 passengers and our smaller shuttle can hold 6. For larger tour groups we can combine the two boats or we can book out different tour times to necessitate your group.

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