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Gros Morne Paddle Board Tours & Rentals

Break out of your usual evening routine and join us at the Waters Edge for a Gros Morne S.U.P paddle board tour of Bonne Bay! After some basic paddle board instruction, we’ll take a relaxing tour along the shore of our campground and find a nice spot to watch the sunset from out on the water. It’s here where the water is a little shallower, warmer and where we often see marine life gather. Our Sunset paddle board tours are great way to join a fun activity, meet other campers and all while not having to leave your campground. We provide stand up paddleboards, all the gear, basic paddle instruction and no experience is required.

For our more adventurous guests, you can rent one of our paddle boards and make your own Gros Morne S.U.P adventure!

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Explore remote beaches and the rugged coastal shallows of Bonne Bay with a Gros Morne S.U.P paddle board tour. We’ll paddle along some of our favourite nooks and crannies that make up the aquatic heart of Gros Morne National Park, paddling through colourful underwater habitats with weird and wonderful creatures. Witness the seals sunbathing; the whales & porpoises playing and the eagles out scouting for there next feed of fish



Paddle board S.U.P rentals are available from our main shop and marine centre located at the Waters Edge Campground in Shoal Brook, Gros Morne, just minutes from Woody Point. Our fleet is made up of true ocean quality paddle boards; they are comfortable, stable, fast but most of all seaworthy and safe for the conditions in Gros Morne.



Paddle to your own private beach, relax and breathe in those saltwater smells and the breath-taking vistas that make this place so special.Keep your eyes peeled for one of the many whales, seabirds and otters that frequent the bay. Hidden in your  pack are special homemade treats that the ladies of the Bonne Bay market have put together, creating the perfect recipe to make your trip to Gros Morne more then just a feast for the eyes, but for your taste buds as well.

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We strive to make every visit unique and unforgettable. In order to truly personalise our service and to tailor our offer to your particular demands, we ask that you give us as much information as possible. To get in touch with us or to pass on any specific queries and questions you may have about visiting Gros Morne National Park, please make an enquiry below. We look forward to hearing from you!