Gros Morne Hiking & Walking Tours

Explore the trails of Gros Morne National Park with our collection of interpretive Gros Morne hiking & walking tours. Gros Morne National Park is a big place, many of the hiking trails are relatively still wild and often not well marked.  Having a knowledgeable experienced guide will ensure you make the most out of your Gros Morne hiking experience.

Our guides are true professionals and have all been trained in outdoor adventure, wilderness first aid and many have educational & environmental backgrounds. Experts in the local Environment they can easily identify the many unique flora & fauna that call Gros Morne home.


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4 to 5 Hours - Moderate

Explore this bizarre and beautiful landscape, the glacially carved valleys and the unique plants and vegetation that call the Tablelands their home. Climb to the top of the 600m lookout with unobstructed views of Winterhouse Brook Canyon, The Bonne Bay fjords and Gros Morne Mountain.



8 Hours - Challenging

The Big Lookout backcountry hike is a spectacular panoramic lookout point located in the southern half of Gros Morne National Park, and just minutes from our shop at the Waters Edge Campground. Follow your guide will lead you over the exposed barren tundra to the summit of the Lookout Hills.

Hiking Tours IN Gros Morne


6 to 7 Hours - Moderate

Gros Morne National Park’s premier Tablelands experience. Tablelands 360° is a custom combination of two of our most popular hiking & marine adventures. By land and by sea, this one of a kind tour all day is designed to provide guests with a complete 360° view of the breathtaking geological feature that provided the foundation for Gros Morne’s UNESCO designation.

3 people on a hiking tour at the summit of Gros Morne Mountain, raise their hands in the air


8 Hours - Challenging

This 806 m high flat-topped mountain is a slice of Arctic tundra far south of its usual range. The habitat here used to be the quiet domain of rock ptarmigan, Arctic hare, and woodland caribou but now a trail leads to the top of this landmark. Around the summit there are views of a spectacular glacial-carved landscape: the deep fjord arms of Bonne Bay and the U-shaped trough of Ten Mile Pond.

2 people on a guided hiking tour of the Tablelands in Gros Morne National Park stop to look out over Bonne Bay


8 Hours - Challenging

Follow our guide on one of the most unique full day hiking treks in eastern North America as we climb to the top of the Tablelands and explore the barren backcountry, sheer cliffs and stunted vegetation that most guests to the Gros Morne National Park never get to see.



Easy to Challenging

Travelling within your own bubble? Hire one of our knowledgeable and experienced hiking guides to help you make the most out of your Gros Morne hiking experience. Our guides know the area, are trained in remote wilderness first aid and can show you those special off the beaten path places that aren’t advertised.

Backcountry Hut Hiking

Escape the beaten path and discover the wilds of Gros Morne with an all-inclusive multiday backcountry Hut Hiking adventure. Immerse yourself in a breath-taking mountain environment discovering remote boreal forest vistas, valleys and cross-country hiking routes. Enjoy the vast wilderness and pristine environment most guests to Gros Morne National Park will never experience.