Gros Morne Snowshoe Tours



Discover the magic of the snowy season with a Gros Morne Snowshoe tours through a winter paradise. With over 20ft of snowfall in some regions and a winter season that can extend from November to June, Newfoundland’s west coast is a true paradise for lovers of winter. Although there are no marked snowshoe routes in Gros Morne National Park, we have our favourite go to areas, so no matter the weather we can find just the right location to get you out on the snow.

We’ve developed our Gros Morne snowshoe tours with all experience levels in mind. An easy day of flatland travel and sightseeing for the beginner to intermediate user, or a mountain climbing adventure for those with a more adventurous spirit. Haven’t used snowshoes before? Don’t worry; our knowledgeable guides will take the time to familiarize you with how to properly and safely use snowshoes. Even the most inexperienced user can be trained up and out on the snow in no time.

Discovering remote mountain vistas, valleys and old logging country trails. Enjoy the uncrowded wilderness and pristine environment as you explore some of the finest snowshoeing in eastern Canada. Our Gros Morne snowshoe tours can range from short local excursions to multi-day adventures involving camping or overnight stays in one of our remote Off Grid Eco Cabins located high in the Long Range Mountains.

Gros Morne Snowshoe Tour and Rental Details

Half Day Tour

  • 2-3 Hours
  • One Adult $180
  • 2 Or More Adults $95
  • 3 or More Adults $80
  • Youth $65

 Full Day Tour

  • 4-5 Hours
  • One Adult $225
  • 2 Or More Adults $150
  • 3 or More Adults $125
  • Youth $65

 Snowshoe Rentals

  • 24 Hour Period
  • Adult $40
  • Youth $40

Included with Gros Morne Snowshoe Tour

  • Snowshoe Rental
  • Trekking Poles
  • Professional & Experienced Local Guide
  • Snowshoe Safety Lesson
  • Gros Morne Park Pass
  • Snowmobile Shuttle (if required)


  • Snowshoe tour participants must be 8 years or older.
  • Guests between the ages of 8 and 17 may rent snowshoes but must be accompanied by a person who is 18 years of age or older
  • Special requests such as a late/early departure, customized stops, food offerings or additional rental equipment (snowmobile, skis, snowboard etc) may be set up ahead of time if requested
  • Guests requiring a snowshoe rental must agree to, and sign our waiver of liability and rental contract
  • All rental snowshoes undergo a detailed inspection before and after any rental period to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our guests
  • All snowshoe rentals will require a prepaid damage deposit. Guests will be responsible for any and all damages below or above the prepaid damage deposit amount. All liability, risk and possible damages are the responsibility of the renter
  • Damaged snowshoes will undergo a full inspection by a certified staff and a repair quote will be supplied to guests totalling cost of parts, labor, taxes and other fees.  Charges for damages will be deducted from the prepaid damage deposit and any remainder of the prepaid damage deposit will be refunded back to your credit card. Repairs resulting in costs above the prepaid damage deposit amount are the responsibility of the renter

Other Details

Snowshoeing is a great way to enjoy winter but it can get chilly. We will be out all day riding in many exposed areas and highly recommend appropriate warm and waterproof clothing suitable for this cold weather activity. Wild Gros Morne Snowshoe tours will take you through many remote areas of Western Newfoundland where there is little to no cell phone reception. Be sure to have any personal and medical items needed. If you are still unfamiliar, unsure or have any questions about what you might need feel free to contact us anytime for a more detailed equipment list.

*Please note the weather conditions in this area can change rapidly and although very unlikely, we may not be able to make it to all destinations. Guests should check the weather and plan accordingly.

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