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Hidden Gros Morne is an all inclusive private hiking and adventure travel package based in world renown Gros Morne National Park. Showcasing the ordinarily inaccessible ares of the park, we'll travel off the beaten path, immersing our guests in authentic experiences while encouraging a sense of discovery and personal interaction with the environment. Hike unseen areas of the Tablelands, camp under the stars in a remote fjord, taste and learn how to prepare fresh local food. Spend time off grid in a remote backcountry cabin high in the Long Range Mountains and watch caribou migrate over the barrens. Pick fresh local berries and discover the less traveled areas. Go remote and explore Gros Morne like never before with this one of a kind experience.



Welcome to Gros Morne

Pick up at airport and scenic driving tour as we make our way to Gros Morne National Park. We will arrive at our Wild Gros Morne Headquarters in the charming fishing villiage of Trout River. Here you will have your own private accommodations to get settled in, a chance to walk around the community or rest after your long travels. When we meet at 7:00pm for dinner, it's all hands on deck as we encourage our guests to help us prepare a home cooked authentic Newfoundland scoff (big meal). A trip orientation will be provided with plenty of time to ask questions, preview photos of the experiences to come and provide us with insight on your personal interests so that we may continue to tailor fit your adventures.


Fjords and Stars

We will start our day with a morning walk along the Eastern Point Trail. This trail winds its way along the breathtaking rocky coastline surrounding the community of Trout River. Steep granite cliffs, wild crashing waves, sweet wildflowers and friendly sheep all make this one of the most picturesque trails in Gros Morne. After a quick bite for lunch at a local restaurant we will then return to your accommodations where you will pack your bags for your next adventure on an exciting boat tour along the breathtaking landlocked fjord of Trout River Pond. During your Tablelands Boat Tour you’ll encounter first-hand the geological features that shaped this remarkable area and provided the foundation for Gros Morne’s UNESCO designation. Caribou, moose, bear and arctic hare all call this section of the park home and are often seen while exploring the area. From here your group and one of our experienced guides will be dropped off by boat at the back of the fjord for your own private camping experience. We will set up our camping equipment and then hike Gros Morne’s newest hiking route, the Overfalls Trail. This easy to moderate trail winds its way through old growth forest and climbs to a grassy lookout that provides breath-taking views of the Tablelands, Trout River Pond and the rarely seen 500ft Overfalls waterfall. Upon returning to our campsite guests can go for a swim in the pond or help the guide prepare a hearty rustic meal of traditional cuisine right on the beach. As night falls the magic starts when the billions of stars, you never knew existed, begin to appear. You'll sleep sounder than you ever have before… unless of course a curious caribou has a snuffle at your tent.


The Tablelands

Awake to the sweet sounds of birds chirping and the moose yawning, as we begin with a light breakfast on the beach. Once the water taxi arrives we will board and head to a remote section of the Tablelands to begin our next adventure. This 5-7 hour hike will take us through an ordinarily inaccessible region of the Tablelands that you'll have all to yourself. Walk upon the Earth’s mantle, normally found far below the earth's crust, and discover the geological wonders that shaped it.  Panoramic views of Trout River Pond fjord and the jagged North Arm Mountains the lunchtime views in these parts. Admiring the Crystal clear waterfalls and stopping to exam rare plant species make this hike pretty special. While we wait for the water taxi go for a swim in the pond to cool off or just relax on our secluded beach. Upon reaching the dock we will return back to our Trout River House where you will have some time for yourself before meeting again to enjoy a well deserved meal.


Off Grid and Resettled Communities

Time to get out of town! After a tasty breakfast we will pack our bags and drive into the resettled logging area of Lomond. Here we will board our side by side UTVs and head into the Gros Morne backcountry. Upon arrival at our off grid backcountry cabins, guests will have time to unpack and get familiar with their new surroundings. After a light lunch we will head to the Parks Canada Lomond Campground, also the location of the formerly vibrant logging community of Lomond, and begin our hike into the also resettled logging community of Stanleyville. While hearing the history you will view the foundations of homes long gone and remnants of wharves no longer bustling. We will then return to your private lodge to spend your first night off grid! A rustic meal will be prepared by the crackling wood stove. Yes, even in summer, nights can cool off in the mountains and a fire is sometimes needed to chase the chill away. Although our cabins are more comfortable and modern, guests will experience an authentic representation of what life was like for the residents of the re-settled communities visited earlier in the day.


Solitude, Sinkholes and Caribou

One of our favorite days! Sleep in, read, relax or take a swing in a hammock. Your first morning in our cozy off grid cabins is always the best. Enjoy a coffee or tea in bed while you gaze out the big picture window overlooking the barrens. Caribou, moose, birds and pine martens are all creatures you may find roaming around the cabin and pond. Our favorite show is the caribou that come down off the mountains at daybreak and occasionally swimming across the pond. After a light lunch we start our nature walk toward one of Gros Morne’s best kept secrets, the Lomond Sinkhole. Using attached ropes we will venture down into this distinctive geological formation, explore the rocks and feel the spray from the cascading waterfall. We will then board the canoes for a paddle across the pond and hike up to the barrens. Gathering fresh berries, taking in the unique scenery and wildlife viewing (most of the time!) are all part of this little wilderness trek. Upon return to the cabins we will relax around the fire and prepare a remote fine dining experience of local cuisine. Get ready to roll up your sleeves; there's no fancy restaurants in these parts.


Explore, Visit and Bonfires

After a late breakfast we will head out on our side by side UTVs and explore the old logging roads which crisscross the backountry for miles. Moose, caribou and bears are often seen on our journey through these old logging routes. We'll ride to a UTV friendly country style take out located in a nearby cabin community, made up of gravel roads and ATV trails.  Stopping to say hello to the friendly residents, living lives not much different from the generations before them. Along our journey back to the cabin we will visit a famous atlantic salmon river. During certain times of year salmon fill the river, jumping, splashing and creating quite the spectacular outdoor show. Upon return to the cabin we will start preparations for your final night with Wild Gros Morne. After a few cabin chores we will head out to sustainability harvest fallen dried trees for our final night bonfire. All hands are on deck as we prepare a true backcountry bonfire and a fine sampling of classic Newfoundland meals to be cooked and enjoyed around the fire. Great food, music and storytelling around the fire will all make this a night to remember and a fantastic way to enjoy your last experience with us.


Goodbye Gros Morne

After a hearty backcountry breakfast and a clean up, we will depart an head for the airport.

Other Details

Your Hidden Gros Morne Experience Includes

All meals, private accommodations, full time professional guide service, boat tours, water taxis, Backcountry shuttles, UTV rentals, camping equipment rentals, fuel, hikes, park fees, interpretive fees, .all transportation throughout the park during your tour and airport shuttle.

Difficulty Rating

Hidden Gros Morne has an easy to difficult rating as it combines many custom experiences into one adventure filled travel package. Since this is private tour we have the unique advantage of customizing and changing some of the experiences to better suit your risk and comfort level. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff spend their lives exploring this area and have many ideas on alternative adventures. Don't be afraid, to ask we are here to help. 

Weather Cancellation Policy

The weather in Newfoundland can change frequently and at Wild Gros Morne we check the weather more than most people check their Email. Experiences may be adjusted if necessary to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.


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