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Discover the peace and natural beauty of the boreal forest during this combination day package that pairs our Lomond River forest walk with a Zodiac boat return. Our walk / easy hike takes us through great stands of black spruce and birch located in the one of the most vibrant, yet untraveled areas of Gros Morne. Trees grow taller and bigger here then anywhere else in the park, which in turn draws wildlife from all over to gather under this pristine forest canopy. Traveling along the river we often see moose, caribou, owls and, if we are lucky, maybe a glimpse of an endangered Newfoundland pine marten. In the river delta, many different species of birds gather to feed. So, be sure to bring your binoculars.

More then just scenic wilderness, Lomond River played an integral part in the history of Western Newfoundland and helped formed the culture found here today. We’ll follow the path of the ingenuous people who gathered salmon that return to the fill the river every summer and retrace the steps of the early settlers who harvested trees here for their houses and later for the lumber mills. We pass through the resettled communities of Lomond (proper) and Stanleyville while hearing stories of the past and where you can still see the old machinery, gardens and markings of the those that called this once bustling area home.

We end our hike on the beach overlooking Killdevil Mountain and east arm where guests can relax, explore and enjoy a lunch while we wait for the Zodiac to come pick us up for the half hour water shuttle back to our dock. Transportation to Woody Point is available from there for guests returning on the water taxi back to Norris point.

Experience Details

  • Discover Lomond River Valley and Zodiac Shuttle runs every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from June till October for our 2019 operating season
  • Reservations are required 24 hours in advance
  • For guests arriving by water taxi from Norris Point, and those staying on the south side, a shuttle for guests may be arranged. The shuttle will pick you up at one of our designated pick up points and drop you off after completion of your tour. Please contact us for more information on pick up times and locations.
  • For large tour groups Wild Gros Morne offers a specialty Lomond River package that can include a culinary portion, and additional experiences. Please contact us for more information
  • Discover Lomond River Valley is great for photographers, birders and those looking for a unique forest/wilderness walk through one of the Park's less travelled trails.

Other Details

Difficulty Rating

Discover Lomond River Valley has an easy to moderate difficulty level depending on the weather conditions and fitness level of our group. Specialty tours can be arranged for groups looking requesting alternate difficulty levels.

Suggested Equipment

As you’ve already heard, Newfoundland weather can be unpredictable and conditions can vary greatly throughout the day. Even in the hottest months of summer Newfoundland can be quite cool. We suggest guests check the weather and dress for it. Having a day pack with water and a snack, a rain/waterproof jacket, semi-warm sweater and comfortable sturdy footwear suitable for our hiking adventure is recommended.

Weather Cancellation Policy

The weather in Newfoundland can change frequently and at Wild Gros Morne we check the weather more than most people check their Email. Experiences may be adjusted or cancelled if necessary to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

Off Season Departures

Reservations are required 24 hours in advance as departures during these months are based upon customer demand. For short notice reservations please contact us.

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