Tablelands 360°



Gros Morne National Park’s premier Tablelands experience, Tablelands 360° is a custom combination of two amazing adventures. By land and by water, this one of a kind tour is designed to provide guests with a complete 360° view of the breathtaking geological feature that provided the foundation for Gros Morne’s UNESCO designation.

The first part of you Tablelands 360º is an exciting Zodiac boating adventure that immerses you in one of Gros Morne's truly unique regions, the Tablelands.

Sit back and relax in our custom made Zodiac designed exclusively for us, and the waters of Gros Morne National Park. Listen and learn while your tour guide, who is also an educator at the nearby school, constructs the 500 millon year old story of the Tablelands and its unique geology while we cruise the saltwater fjord of Bonne Bay.

Travelling in small groups provides an interactive learning experience difficult to achieve in more traditional boat tours as we stop at selected points along the way to answer questions, take photos and just marvel at one of Gros Morne's most iconic features.

Whales, dolphins, tuna, caribou, moose, all call Gros Morne home and are often seen while we cruise the bay.

After completing the Tablelands Boat Tour we’ll embark on part two of your adventure, a moderate to challenging 3 hour off trail hike up the North side of the Tablelands. We will climb to the top of the 600m lookout that rises above Bonne Bay like a red giant, dominating the landscape and providing visitors with unobstructed views of Winterhouse Brook Canyon, The Bonne Bay fjords and Gros Morne Mountain. Our experienced interpreters will construct the 500 million year old scene that caused this extremely rare example of the earth’s mantle to be exposed. We’ll explore the isolated pockets of serpentine barrens that give rise to a full community of dwarf arctic alpine plant species, some hundreds of years old and normally found much further north.

*Part 1 of our Tablelands 360° experience takes place in an open Zodiac boat, and depending on weather conditions guests may get lightly sprayed with water as we navigate throughout the fjord and should plan accordingly. This is all part of the fun!

Experience Details

  • Tablelands 360° runs every Tuesday and Thursday during the months of July and August for our 2019 operating season.
  • Reservations are highly recommended 24 hours in advance
  • For guests arriving by water taxi from Norris Point, and those staying on the south side, a shuttle for guests of our Tablelands 360° experience may be arranged. The Tablelands 360° shuttle will pick you up at one of designated pick up points and drop you off after completion of your tour. Please contact us for more information on pick up times and locations.
  • For large tour groups Wild Gros Morne offers a specialty Tablelands 360° package that can include a culinary portion, and additional experiences. Please contact us for more information
  • Tablelands 360° is great for photographers looking for those unique shots

Other Details

Difficulty Rating

Tablelands 360° has an moderate to challenging difficulty level depending on the weather conditions and fitness level of our group. Specialty tours can be arranged for groups looking requesting alternate difficulty levels.

Suggested Equipment

As you’ve already heard, Newfoundland weather can be unpredictable and conditions can vary greatly throughout the day. Even in the hottest months of summer Newfoundland can be quite cool. We suggest guests check the weather and dress for it. Having a daypack with water and a snack, a rain/waterproof jacket, semi-warm sweater and comfortable sturdy footwear suitable for both hiking and our exciting open boat adventure is recommended.

Weather Cancellation Policy

The weather in Newfoundland can change frequently and at Wild Gros Morne we check the weather more than most people check their Email. Experiences may be adjusted or  cancelled if necessary to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

Off Season Departures

Reservations are required 24 hours in advance as departures are based upon customer demand. For short notice reservations please contact us.

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